Free Resources & Home Labs for University Physics

PASCO have produced quick data collection videos and PASCO Capstone data files to support educators seeking remote lab opportunities. Each college-level lab covers content required by universities and does not require any lab equipment. Students watch a short video showing the data collection part of the lab, then perform the analysis using the data provided in the PASCO Capstone file. The associated student lab handout guides them and is available for free download. Educators have free access to each lab’s teacher guide after creating an educator account.

Below is the current list of free Physics labs and videos that support remote learning:

Free Access to PASCO Capstone Software

For Physics educators transitioning to remote teaching and home labs, we suggest utilising PASCO Capstone’s free 6-month trial. If your university is already using Capstone, then you have global rights to share your license key with students for home installation.

Download PASCO Capstone

Capstone Lab Workbooks

Lecturers can use Capstone Lab Workbooks to collect data, then share their workbook and data with students for independent analysis. We recommend sharing a quick video of the data being collected to give students context for their data analysis and post-lab questions. You can check out PASCO’s prepared Capstone Workbooks with sample data here.

Curriculum: Free Access to Essential Physics 3rd Edition

To support educators and students as they transition to remote learning during the COVID-19 university closures, we are granting free access to the Essential Physics 3rd Edition Student eBook and Teacher eResources for the remainder of the 2020 academic year. The Student eBook includes a full year of curriculum that can be used for AP, IB, and algebra-based Physics courses. Access the eBook here using the access code below.

Essential Physics 3rd Edition Student Access Code


To receive access to the Teacher eResources for Essential Physics 3rd Edition, please fill out this form. After receiving a code, you will be able to access the Teacher Resources here.

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Free Secondary School Science Resources for Remote Teaching and Learning

Both SciChem and PASCO are committed to doing all that we can to help the science education community. In these uncertain times of school closures and remote learning, we want to ensure that all students and teachers continue to build their science skills and have access to the content they need.

We have been contacted by many educators searching for resources as they navigate the rapidly changing learning environment and transition to online labs. In response, we are delighted to announce that PASCO is extending free resources to support the continuation of science learning despite school closures. PASCO is offering these home science tools free of charge for the remainder of this school year:

  • Free access to Essential Physics and Essential Chemistry curriculum eBooks
  • Distance Learning Labs and teacher resources in the PASCO digital Experiment Library
  • 6 month free access to Capstone and SPARKvue software.

Free Essential Physics & Essential Chemistry

PASCO is giving schools free access to the digital versions of Essential Physics 3rd Edition and Essential Chemistry curriculum for the remainder of the 2020 school year. Access the eBooks here using the access codes below.

Essential Physics 3rd Edition Student Access Code


Essential Chemistry Student Access Code


To access the Teacher eResources for these texts, please fill out this form. After receiving a code, you will be able to access the eResources here.

Free Labs for Physics, Chemistry & Biology

The PASCO Experiment Library contains hundreds of prepared labs and activities that can be downloaded and shared with students for free.

  1. Create an account on to verify that you are an educator
  2. Select from our current list of free labs and videos that support remote learning
  3. Share those activities with your students as they learn from home. Your students will not need an account; they can access the student materials directly, or you can upload the materials to your school’s LMS or Google Classroom.

Free Access to Software

PASCO are extending the trial periods for PASCO Capstone and SPARKvue software on Windows and Mac to last through the end of this school year. Both softwares allow users to create, modify, and share home labs with an authentic laboratory feel. These licenses allow students to install Capstone and SPARKvue on their home computers. SPARKvue is also available for a free download on Chromebooks, iPads, and Android devices. You can also install SPARKvue for free on your mobile devices.

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PASCO Scientific Debuts the //code.Node, a Game Changer for STEM Education

Last week, PASCO Scientific announced the debut of the //code.Node, a first-of-its-kind product that will allow students to collect real-time data using code.

Students around the world are captivated by coding activities. Whether they’re encoding a robot, light, or system, they are excited and engaged. The //code.Node brings that coding excitement to data collection using wireless sensors and visual feedback to teach coding skills that produce analysis-ready data, said Richard Briscoe, President and CEO of PASCO Scientific.

The //code.Node is a revolutionary device that uses Blockly, sensors, and feedback to teach students coding skills and data literacy. The pocket-size coding solution includes encodable sensors for light, motion, sound, and magnetic fields, as well as a speaker, RGB light, and a 5×5 LED array. Using PASCO software and the //code.Node, students can create custom experiments that range from simple data collection to advanced, measurement-based sensory feedback. As they execute their code, students collect real-time data and visual feedback that helps them improve with each activity.

Coding activities are a highly effective tool for student engagement, but they rarely satisfy both ISTE and local standards. The //code.Node is the first educational solution to demonstrate how coding relates to data collection and analysis. It’s no longer about simply learning to code; it’s about coding to learn, said Briscoe.

The //code.Node is a preview of PASCO’s 2020 focus, Code to Learn. Learn to Code. The company recently integrated Blockly into both SPARKvue and Capstone to provide learners with an expansive yet intuitive coding platform. Students can develop their coding skills by encoding any of PASCO’s wireless sensors, testing code in real time, and analyzing their collected data.

PASCO Scientific will release a series of //code.Node labs to assist school learners in developing future preparedness for code-derived data collection. The //code.Node will make its public debut later this month at Bett Show 2020 in London, and will begin shipping in April 2020.

Learn More About //code.Node