21st March 2022

The formula for success at SciChem!

Our brand-new warehouse facility will enable us to provide a world class service to our customers and strengthen our relationships with our supply partners. This £3m investment will ensure the long term success and efficiency of Inivos Scientific and our trading entities. Bringing fresh employment to the area, we are moving our warehouse operations into […]

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taking care of microscope
24th February 2022

Tips To Look After Your Microscope from Experts At BMS

Commonly and extensively used in all different types of labs across the world, microscopes are used to view everything from plant cells to mineral samples, and allow you to observe items that are too small for the naked eye. This kind of device is integral for studying structures, cells, and microorganisms in both diagnostics and […]

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industrial scales
16th February 2022

The Differences Between Industrial and Commercial Scales

There are so many businesses and industries that rely on scales for their everyday applications. Scales are used for weighing products, materials, food items, and so much more, but not all scales are created equal. These pieces of equipment come in various types and with different features and knowing which is right for your business […]

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PASCO uv spectrometer
9th February 2022

UV Spectrometers Explained

Measuring light absorbance across various ranges of the electromagnetic spectrum requires the right equipment, including UV Spectrometers. This kind of kit is commonly used in laboratories and for many everyday applications. UV spectrometers are just one type of spectrometer which is used by scientists and experts to measure wavelengths and radiation. There are many other types […]

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power supply
1st February 2022

Choosing A Power Supply For Your Lab

One of the most critical features in any laboratory is the power supply. They are required for so many experiments and projects, and ensuring you have the right one for your applications and requirements is crucial. A faulty or incorrect type of power supply can be hazardous for yourself and your colleagues, while also impacting […]

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lab balances
24th January 2022

Lab Balances – How To Choose The Right One For Your Industry

Lab balances and scales are used across a huge range of industries, not just in laboratories. Sectors including retail, industrial, education, and food all use balances and scales on a regular basis, and depend on them for their day to day applications. No matter the industry you are operating within, you need to have the […]

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Closeup of microscope nosepiece focused on illuminated slide
14th January 2022

5 Types of Microscopes and What They Are Used For

Microscopes are used for a huge range of applications and are one of the most commonplace pieces of kit in a laboratory. The word microscope comes from the ancient Greek word for ‘small’ which is mikros, and ‘to look or see’ which is skopein, and these devices have been around for many years. In simple […]

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cloud chamber
29th December 2021

Cloud Chambers: Explained by the SciChem Science Team

Radiation is all around us, and completely invisible to the naked eye. It wasn’t until 1896 that anyone knew this radiation even existed. It was first discovered by Henri Becquerel when he realised that photographic paper was blackened by rocks containing uranium. Today, we know that thousands of substances are radioactive, giving off particles which […]

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Narika experiments
16th December 2021

GCSE Experiments from Narika: Part 1

Teaching GCSE science requires the perfect blend of theoretical learning and practical experiments. As an educator, knowing the right experiments to teach children or demonstrate in class can be challenging. You want to choose lessons which are going to fit with the syllabus, be memorable for everyone, and really make the learning come alive. At […]

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pasco wireless sensors
10th December 2021

How To Choose Wireless Sensors And Software

Using wireless sensors to create a wireless sensor network in your laboratory is an efficient and reliable way to gather and collate data. It is essential you choose the right type of sensors for your application, as well as the perfect software to aggregate and analyse the findings. Wireless sensors are suitable for a huge […]

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Collection of calibration weights with laboratory balance in background
5th January 2021

Coronavirus Update From SciChem (January 2021)

Following the most recent announcements that England and Scotland will now be entering a third lockdown which includes the closure of schools to most pupils, we would like to provide a service update to our valued customers on the measures we are taking to ensure that our operations and services remain uninterrupted. We understand the […]

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16th December 2020

Our Christmas and New Year Opening Hours

As the festive period approaches, we wanted to let you know about our opening hours over Christmas and the New Year.

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